Perfect Imperfection

They can save each other--they just don't know it

Chase/Cuddy -- Beautiful and Broken
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This is the first ever (and, we hope, not the last) Chase/Cuddy Community.

These are the rules: No bashing of the 'ship or its incredulity. Believe us, we've seen such 'ships rise in the ranks. Case in point: Lupin/Tonks. (I saw it comin')

No bashing of each other. We are obscenely nice to each other. Not so much that if you're trollish we won't kick you out, but enough that we already like you. :D

FInally, please keep all posts on topic. No "OMG, Chase and Cameron are hot together!" Frankly, we don't care. Go to some other community.

You have to ask to join, but eh. We love everyone anyway. :) Have fun! No biting!